Thursday, November 5, 2009

Alright All you Ladies out there,
Frank and I have been holed up in our test laboratories to try to solve the problem of the mythical "G" spot. Discovered in the 70's, we've decided that there has been no new frontiers forged regarding that gloriously delicious letter in the alphabet. After putting our heads together we have broken new ground....the "F" and "C" spot. Found in the 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock position in relation to the "G" spot, the F and C spot is twice the fun and lasts twice as long as its cousin the G. Frank and I have made it our personal mission to continue our research until we find a spot that corresponds to every letter in the alphabet. With the addition of the F and C spot to lexicon of female anatomy, that leaves 21 more new worlds to discover in our quest to go where no man has gone before. Husbands, continue this groundbreaking work...and can thank us later.
As always, we're here to help,
F and C


  1. AMAZING that no one has commented on THIS post! Oh, and Conor, I stand corrected; there are 15 lines of bullshit represented here. Inspired work!

  2. Frank and Boner,

    I got your P spot right here!

  3. Bobcatty,
    only 15 lines? I was shooting for at least 25. What is there to comment on really? Frank and I selflessly engage in this sort of research for the good of our readership. It's not like we're saints or anything...on second thought maybe we are...but all that aside, no comments or thanks are needed. That we might shine some small ray of light into your otherwise dismal lives is reward enough for us.

  4. Farkel,
    What gives? What's with all the barely passive anger? We give you a coveted cupboard position and you respond in this blatantly insubordinate fashion? This is serious work we're doing here. Button it up and keep your focus on the task at hand...alright, that could be taken the wrong way... but you've got to pull yourself (also could be taken the wrong way) together man. Decorum, that's all we ask. And, for your information, the "P" spot is already taken.

  5. If Watsonville is the Garlic Capitol of California , then Cafe Aroma is certainly the Garlic Spot of Idyllwild. We are also Fern Valley adjacent, which is often referred to as the F Spot.This would leave only the C Spot in question. Perhaps both the P and C Spots are actually refering to Pine Cove. I find the G to be the most gratifying , but I work there.

  6. Focus, focus, you're all over the place. Can't wait for Conor to be finished with his award winning performance so that we can get back to the important business at hand in Idyllwild.
    We've got a newspaper to run. As capable as JP is, he needs our advice and support. He can't do this singlehandedly. He needs all of Frank and Conor's able bloggers to be by his side. We're ready Editor, tell us what type of news leads you need and how we can help. Maybe a weekly news meeting run by JP.

  7. Propaganda SinisterNovember 16, 2009 at 8:20 AM

    Finally Some Good Advice:

    If you haven't yet, make sure you see our Conor in South Coast Reps, Saturn Returns. Playing through Sunday, 11/22 and well worth the ride. He's simply terrific and you'll be proud to know him.

    Great Job, Conor.

  8. Dear Conner,

    Geeehz, I was just trying to be helpful! What am I supposed to do with this P-spot you and Frank left behind?

  9. Dear F&C
    So now that you've covered the alphabet, are you free to respond to our pressing dilemmas and help spread holiday drear?
    - Bobcatty

  10. Conor,

    Your dream can be fulfilled. I don't know if you heard, I tried to post this days ago, but techniqual problems on the blogspot prevented.

    Coach Boyton is now former coach.

    The field ahead is open for you, just navigate a few better qualified people — Bill Belnicik, or bill Cowher — and its yours.

    Your background is perfect, you can act like a coach, players won't know, I'll even help you.

    Don't forget to put your soccer background on the resume. And tell them about the weak spot you have!

  11. Sounds like the advice you chose to abide after expressing your dilemma on Sept 30 regarding your partner worked out well for you. Doesn't sound like Frank's hurtin' either.


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