Saturday, July 11, 2009

While comparisons to Iconic figures like Jerry Lewis and Art Carney are very flatering and words like Bromance can be aplicable in some cases. We understand that it is not uncommon for patients to fixate and develop crushes on thier physicians.Conor for instance thought he was in love with his colon therapist for almost six months last year but eventually got it all out of his system. We like to think of ourselves as Brofesionals or at the very least Bromodels for all of you out there.Remember,this column is for and about you. Although bad advice may at first glance be easy to come by. Really good bad advice is only available here.


  1. Not quite "all" out of his system. He still has lingering feelings for Kramer's proctologist, AssMan.....

  2. The "Assman" was not Kramer's proctologist. Kramer was "The Assman". If you are going to pontificate on things rectal, you shouldn't speak out of your ***. You're nothing but a rectal amateur.


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