Wednesday, September 23, 2009

News Flash for all "Bad Advice" bloggers:

As it stands for now here are " The Bad Advice Cupboard Members" as appointed by the Grand Poobah himself.
Art Farkel - Director of Blogland Security
Bobcatty - Chairperson of Morale and Flattery and
Protectorate of Cute Shoes
Lou Bacher - Propaganda Minister
Yeah but Still - Wildlife Director (as in nightlife) and Purveyor of Cocktails
Anonymous (whoever you may be) - Head of the Secret Blog-Service.

There may be more appointments to round out the field but for now these are your "Cupboard Members", show them the same respect you would show Frank and me. To them I say, "may God have mercy on your souls".


  1. F & C,
    Honored to be a part of the Cupboard. When is the first meeting? Should we be a CSA or a CSD?

  2. Dear F&C;
    Shouldn't Lou Bacher be Propaganda Sinister?

  3. Hi F& C;
    I just noticed the promo for your new reality pilot, "Waiting for a Break," displayed prominently on the Aroma website.
    What a stroke of twisted genius! While everyone in California dreams of the big screen, not everyone can uncork a bottle of wine, dish out parmesan or grind pepper with a flourish.
    I'd like to suggest a companion series, aimed at writers: "Waiting for a Check."
    Since writers lack the flair to wait tables, we could be the patrons. We order cheap meals, order copious coffee refills and loiter endlessly at the best tables in the establishment, composing hopeful queries and battling writer's block. We'd be the perfect foils for your aspiring waiters!
    Contact my agent with your response.
    Yours, unproductively,

  4. Dear F & C;
    I just noticed that you picture three judges in your promo, including Holly O'Farrell, laden with an armful of vegetables. She'd make a lovely counterpart to Paula Abdul, kindly encouraging, but without the weight fluctuations and excessive eye makeup. Why is her bio not included with Frank and Conor's?
    (PS: I think we all know who Simon is.)

  5. Bobcatty,

    Was that you at Cafe Aroma today? Maybe Cupboard members need name tags, so they can be attacked on the spot. What do you think, Poop Bah?

  6. Bobcatty, what do you mean "you think you know who Simon is"? Holly beats Paula Abdul in every category. No big revelation there.

  7. Dear Bobcatty,
    Like the double meaning in "waiting for a check"


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