Friday, September 18, 2009

So, it seems that a couple of our loyal bloggers attended the CSA 36 meeting last night. I'll give you my take on it. Obviously a number of people caught word that this was going to be an entertaining piece of theatre. It was. Bill Brown, the EDA representative, was tert and to the point. To me he was there to let ICRC know who's running the show. He proved his point. The county is holding all the cards and if you don't want the county to make your life a bureaurocratic nightmare, know who makes the rules and make sure you abide by them. Point well taken. However, if I was an elected official I would want a person with some people skills being my liason to my constituants.

ICRC has let some things fall through the cracks, nothing monumental in my opinion, and has made a couple of bad political moves (ie: not admitting Bill Brown to the notorious meeting) but other than that the people at the meeting seemed pleased with the job ICRC is doing managing Idyllwild recreation. Overall it was an education, for ICRC, for me, for many who attended the meeting; an education in the workings of local government. Now ICRC knows, cross your T's and dot your I's and let the your benefactors in your bedrooms if you want to get things done.

I want to thank our bloggers for their civic mindedness and for reporting accurately on what they saw at Democracy in Action. I think our bloggers are the ones you should trust for your information, with the exception of anything derogatory said about me, other than that you can count on our blog for all your information needs. I'd like to thank the players who put on this little drama for our entertainment pleasure. ICRC, a dynamically confused performance underscored by great restraint and self control. CSA 36, a muted interpretation of the storyline but a strong stage presence nonetheless. And the star of show, Bill Brown, a focused and intense portrayal wrought with a brooding intensity and understated hostility. Bravo to all the players and I look forward to future installments.


  1. Hello,
    I do not understand how a "Hollywood/OC" slanted blog has infiltrated this mountain. I left that scene ages ago, and I hope it has not followed me to this Alpine Retreat. For I am now aged.
    Is there a certain sprouted groupe of people who are members of a Cafe-Aroma Organization that has the intentions of improving the community, while remembering and respecting the local history? For I was here first.
    And if so, does one have to be witty and cosmopolitan to associate? For I am no longer.
    Is the intention to entertain or to enlighten, for it might be myself who fails to appreciate the lighthearted, yet cynical prose reflected on these pages. For I am innocent.
    Please respond, as I wait with baited breath. For I am here.

    With all due respect,
    The Tahquitz Monster.

  2. Dear F&C;
    All these weeks I've been sharpening my claws on your blog, and you hire some crackpot, geezer gadfly for the prestigious yet unpaid job as your blog flogger? Did I not make it clear that I lack ambition but have a compulsion to waste time? Do I have to go over to that OTHER newspaper and write sunny accolades to singing firemen? And where is my free tee-shirt?

  3. Dear Bobcatty
    "hell hath no fury like a woman without a t-shirt" I guess there's some truth in this saying. I would guess, however, that you probably look much better without a shirt than with a shirt. But if it's a shirt that makes you happy, then a shirt you shall have. I can see now that the time has come for Frank and I to set up an official administration, not so much a "cabinet" , if you will, but more of a "cupboard". I promise you in front of God and our fellow bloggers that you will have a position of honor in our cupboard. I'm thinking along the lines of "secretary of slate" or "attorney specific". Farkel has already been made "Czar of Blogland Security". I will post our nominations for "cupboard" posts in the next couple of days. I hope this will satisfy your fiery temperment.


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